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6 must-have shoe cleaning accessories under $40

A good pair of shoes can completely change a person’s outfit for the better, but shoes get far less attention than clothes when it comes to care, cleaning, and maintenance.

The same way you regularly wash your clothes and dry clean your delicates, your sneakers and boots deserve some love, too — and that goes for everyone, whether you’re a diehard sneaker collector with boxes stacked to the ceiling or a casual collector with only a couple special pairs.

Ditch the old-school method of using a toothbrush and laundry detergent and pick up some products that are easy to use and really get the job done. 

From total cleaning kits, to leather-friendly wipes for when you’re on the go, to specialty kits for restoring leather or cleaning suede, here are six must-have products for maintaining fresh footwear.

Not only will you look sharp in clean shoes, but they’ll also last much longer.

Check out 6 must-have shoe cleaning products here: 

Jason Markk Holiday Gift Set

Jason Markk Repel Stain and Water Repellent Spray

Crep Protect Wipes

Jason Markk Ready To Use Foam Sneaker Cleaner

Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit

Crep Protect Mark On White Marker